Parents' Association
  Parents' Association (PA)
The OLGIS Parents' Association (PA) is a voluntary parent body that holds advisory capacity and whose members are elected by OLGIS parents every three years. The current PA is composed of 11 members representing the four sections of the school: Pre-School, Elementary, Middle, and High School.
The PA's primary task is to act as an effective interface between parents and the Headmaster in a supportive and positive manner. The members of the PA address schoolwide issues of general concern as stipulated in the main roles and responsibilities below. Their activities are guided by the OLGIS mission statement. The emphasis is on fostering an educational environment conducive to the development of well-rounded, responsible, and effective citizens.
The Parents' Association holds monthly meetings with the Headmaster to discuss general issues or opportunities as well as specific concerns and queries. The Headmaster updates the Parents' Association periodically about new initiatives and educational advancements at the school. The PA members participate in many committees to work on specific initiatives and collaborate with the school administration.
The Parents' Association looks forward to hearing your suggestions or concerns. Please email us at
Main roles and responsibilities of the OLGIS Parents' Association:
  • Raise awareness to the parents on school philosophy and educational system
  • Initiate and gather parents' ideas and concerns and coordinate with the school administration to take action
  • Provide feedback on students' social, emotional, and educational issues
  • Engage in and support activities between school, students and parents
  • Support fundraising events that provide new equipment and program initiation & promotion
  • Establish solid connections with the community at large giving the sense of shared goals and aspirations
  • Organize and promote networking events to promulgate the OLGIS culture
PS. The Parents' Association does not get involved in the day to day operation of the school, and does not deal with personal or individual complaints except as related to general issues of importance to the school.
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