Student Council
  Student Council
The Student Council offers students the opportunity to actively participate in school wide initiatives, lend their hands to community causes, and see democracy in action. While representing OLGIS, these student leaders will gain responsibility, increased pride in their school, and an overall awareness of events at a local and/or global level. Class representatives along with school officers will be held to high academic and citizenship levels.
Elections for class representatives are held every year during the first week of November and elections for the Executive Student Council are held during the second week of November.
Roles of the Student Council
1. To officially represent all the students in the school.
2. To identify and help solve problems encountered by students in the school.
3. To communicate its opinion to the school administration on any subject that concerns students and on which the council wishes to be consulted.
4. To promote and encourage the involvement of students in organizing school activities.
Responsibilities of the Student Council
1. To promote the interests of students among the school administration, staff and parents.
2. To inform students about any subject that concerns them.
3. To consult students on any issue of importance.
4. To organize financial campaigns for school life activities.
5. To participate in the process of revision of school regulations.
6. To organize school parties (e.g. Christmas party, Spring Fest, etc.).
7. To participate in developing the school’s educational project and to promote it to students.
8. To organize an activity to recognize the efforts of students involved in organizing school activities.
9. To propose activities to the school administration that would improve the quality of life in the school.
10. To maintain good relations, out of mutual respect, with the school staff (the principal, teaching and non-teaching personnel) and parents.
1. President
  • To act as official spokesperson for the council in its relations with the students and the school administration.
  • To call meetings of the council and to prepare the agendas.
  • To chair, or co-chair with an adult, the meetings of the council.
  • To supervise the tasks of the council members.
  • To take part in all special committees formed by the council or send a representative to such committees.
  • To represent the students on official occasions.
2. Vice-president
  • To advise and assist the president.
  • To coordinate the work of non-elected students involved in the organization of school activities.
  • To replace the president when he or she cannot be present.
3. Secretary
  • To write up the minutes of every council meeting.
  • To publish and distribute all the documents necessary for meetings.
  • To write and classify the correspondence of the council.
4. Treasurer
  • To keep accounts up to date.
  • To make purchases (if necessary).
  • To provide full information about the council’s finances whenever the council wishes to see it.
5. Councilor
  • To direct the activities of the committee for which he or she is responsible.
  • To represent the members of his or her committee before the executive council.



  • Candidate must have a minimum “C” average, the approval of his/her parents and at least two of his/her teachers.
  • Candidate must exhibit strong academic and leadership skills.
  • Candidate may create one poster (standard size).
  • Speeches may only be 30 seconds long. You may not promise anything unattainable to your peers during your speech. You may not tell your peers that you will give them something or do something - other than be a great leader to get their vote!
  • Candidates are responsible for running their campaign in a fair and honest manner.
  • Candidates may not have buttons, shirts, stickers, extra posters, flyers, etc.
  • Candidates may not promise things that cost money or give out candy, gum, etc.
  • Candidates may not promise anything unattainable to peers such as longer recess, fast food at lunch, etc.
  • Candidates are subject to being disqualified for running for office if they break a rule, miss the informative morning meeting, or miss a deadline.
  • A candidate must be able to attend Student Council general membership meet on the first Wednesday of the month during lunch time. More than two unexcused absences from these meetings can result in being removed from Student Council.
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