Community Service
  Community Service Program
OLGIS is committed to the idea that service to the community is an integral part of every student's education. Through a school-based community service program, students have an opportunity to learn by doing and to give something back to their community. By being exposed to volunteer opportunities in their community, students become more aware of the challenges that may exist locally and how they can play a role in finding solutions as good, responsible citizens.
A 90-hour yearly project must be completed in each of 10th, 11th and 12th Grade for a total of 270 hours. This includes community service, volunteer work, career exploration, and cultural exchange programs. The program strengthens already existing ties with community organizations and establishes new connections. OLGIS is a working partner with the community in analyzing existing needs and working together to find viable, hands-on solutions.
Community Service placements must be completed at non-profit agencies, institutions, organizations and/or with individuals. Volunteer work must be pre-approved by the Community Service Coordinator. Records are kept by the Community Service Coordinator based on completed verification forms which are validated by the on-site supervisor. Any student doing a service that has not been arranged through the school must obtain written approval in advance from the Community Service Coordinator in order to guarantee credit.
There is a wide range of opportunities for completing service. These include placements within the school (such as library, main office, assisting in an elementary school), placements at nearby agencies (such as Fire Department, Nursing Home) and at hospitals and charitable organizations. Information on placements is available through the Community Service Office.
Community service must be done on a student's free time such as during unassigned school periods, after school, on weekends or during the summer. The required 270 hours can be spread out as 90 hours a year, or concentrated in three 9am-3pm weeks in the summer. Students may start accumulating hours during the summer prior to their Grade 10.
All students must submit prior approval forms for placements other than those arranged by the Community Service Office. The committee periodically convenes to review these forms, as well as discuss any concerns, issues and challenges that may arise. The final approval of all placements is made by the Principal and the Community Service Coordinator.
For more information, please email the Community Service Coordinator to
  +231 775 30 00 02  /  +231 880 30 00 02              

  15th Street Sinkor,( Beach side)  Monrovia, Liberia